Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Howard Hughes replica

Hey everyone. Just wanted to share a big trill for me. yesterday I delivered a hat I made for the Evergreen Museum for the Howard Hughes H1 or as better known as "the Spruce Goose" exhibit. It was a honor to make this hat and a big trill to say the least. I spent months working to get this hat as accurate as possible and had access to parts of the plane that no one has been in over 9 years. I have to give a big thank you to brian aka squidkidd for coming along to take some amazing photo's. Im sure he was trilled because he took shots that you just can't take. A big sound out to stewart and Wayne from the museum. Easy guys to like and work with. I had a blast and now on to the pics.


  1. Nice shots of you the the "Goose". And a nice lid by the way.

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