Sunday, September 19, 2010

From as far back as I can remember I have always been enamored with the style imposed by a well worn hat.  My interest in hatmaking stems from my love of the fedoras of the silver screen from Hollywood's Golden Age, particularly those warn by Humphrey Bogart.  I was always impressed by the way my stepfather wore his stingy brim fedora.  It's hard to put in words what the right hat can do for the image of a man.

I spent the first 33 years of my life growing up in New York City.  It was there I first saw in theaters a film that would later cement my decision to get involved in hat making, "Raiders of the Lost Ark." 

 My love of the Indiana Jones hat worn by Harrison Ford inspired my quest for the ultimate Raiders hat.  For over 20 years I searched in vain for a hat that would live up to my expectations.  Then, in 2004 my quest finally came to a successful close when I discovered the Adventurebilt Hat Co., brainchild of master hatter and Mississippian Steve Delk.  In Adventurebilt Hats, not only did I find the ultimate Raiders fedora, but also a friendship with a man as devoted to hats as myself.  Through a common friendship with Steve, I was introduced to Marc Kitter of Adventurebilt Deluxe.  With Marc I found yet another friend obsessed as much as myself with the intricate details of the Raiders hat.  These conversations inspired me to start taking apart old hats and putting them back together.  With help and support from Steve and Marc I finally decided I would launch my own hat company, and thus was born the Penman Hat Co. in 2008.

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